Camel Up

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$39.99 $31.99
(You save $8.00)
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Betting, Rice Rolling,
Steffen Bogen

The 2014 SDJ winning classic, Camel Up is returning with an all-new edition from Eggertspiele!

What's New In Camel Up?

Featuring the same great game play found in the original built around betting on a camel race, this new "2.0" edition features a variety of improvements including a plastic pyramid to replace the original cardboard & rubber band version, new art and graphic design all-around, engraved plastic dice, and even some new game modes for players to explore.

Welcome to the craziest camel race you'll ever see! The award winning game about the craziest camel race, just got even crazier! The race now includes new contestants - camels that are so confused that they start the race running in the wrong direction! 

That's not all that's new!

The Camel Up track has been significantly enhanced since your last visit - it now includes new art and components.

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