SpaceCorp: Ventures

$45.00 $34.99
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Picture of SpaceCorp: Ventures game
$45.00 $34.99
(You save $10.01)
GMT Games
Hand Management Point to Point Movement Variable Player Powers
1 - 4
60 - 240 Minutes
John H. Butterfield

SpaceCorp: Ventures is the first module for SpaceCorp: 2025-2300AD, the game of exploring and developing the Solar System and beyond. SpaceCorp: Ventures introduces unique enterprises via fourteen HQ mats, each putting a player in control of a different corporation, agency, or institution with its own capabilities and missions. Each HQ assigns specific start cards, Infra, advantages, and limitations for all three eras. These advantages and limitations evolve in Planeteers and Starfarers, and each HQ has a special, alternate final profit option at game end.

In addition, at the start of each era, one player selects an eighth contract to be fulfilled, adding an additional way to gain profit and complete the era.

Ten of the fourteen HQ mats can be flipped over to play the SpaceCorp solitaire game with an enhanced HQ against the competition AI.