Spirit Island: Feather & Flame

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Spirit Island: Feather & Flame box with game tiles in front.
$34.95 $26.99
(You save $7.96)
Greater Than Games
Cooperative Game Hand Management Modular Board Open Drafting Simultaneous Action Selection Variable Player Powers
1 - 4
90 - 120 minutes
R. Eric Reuss

In Spirit Island: Feather & Flame, an expansion for Spirit Island, the onset of the dangerous invaders continues. They blight the lands with their harmful practices and aggression, and we spirits have had to grow and change in ways unanticipated. Whether we are water, fire, beneath, or beyond, we answer — these white-sailed ships must turn and go, or be broken on the rocks of our discontent.

Fire and flood, flame and feather; ancient powers waken to free their home from a unique adversary’s influence. Can the island survive such turmoil?


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