This War Of Mine: Tales from the Ruined City Expansion

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Awaken Realms
Action Point Allowance System, Co-operative Play, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Press Your Luck, Role Playing
1 - 6
45 - 120 minutes
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This War Of Mine: Tales from the Ruined City Expansion

As the siege of Pogoren escalates, its citizens must employ new methods of survival. Players are forced underground to protect themselves from shelling only to discover that the city sewers have a lot to offer - both in terms of danger and opportunities. As if this was not enough, newcomers from the countryside bring tales of atrocities as well as supplies from their destroyed homes. Will players welcome them with open arms or close their door to keep all strangers away?

Tales from the Ruined City enables players to explore the city to its fullest. Sewers offer new ways to travel and scavenge, Farmers with their Market are there to trade... or to steal from if players are pushed to the limit, while Thugs threaten to take everything from the Shelter. Additionally, with 5 completely new Scenarios, players will have a chance to radically change the mood of their Campaign - from a criminal story, through a trial of survival in face of an epidemic to a tale of mutual care among the neighbors.