Science Fiction

Hundreds of science fiction board games are available from Cardhaus Games for you to bring a brand new experience into your collection today. Science fiction games let us go to the very farthest reaches of space where the future of a post-apocalyptic earth lies in wait to see how you will fair. Will your space traveling society colonize with technology and diplomacy, or will you dominate with fear and military strength? Watch as you travel through time to correct past mistakes and catch devious time travelers.

Science Fiction Games Take Us Beyond The Impossible

Intergalactic civilizations allow you to experience economies with unimagined hazards and heights. You could also choose a quick game of getting rich off space mining. Are your spaceships fiercer in combat than your opponents or will you struggle to keep your bag of bolts together until the next space station. The medium through which you experience your science fiction games experience is up to you. Dice games that decide your fate on a roll, or card games that allow you to build an engine that can’t be beat. We have miniature space ships that will allow you to simulate three dimensional space battles. We carry science fiction board games that also include your favorite Sci-fi franchises like Star Wars, Dune, and Doctor Who.


Our inventory is sure to have a board game experience that fits into your orbit. We carry many games and their expansions to keep your science fiction story alive and ever growing. Look through our collection of science fiction board games and decide what your future has in store. How will you boldly go into the future?