Fantasy Games

Fantasy board games are truly only limited by our very own imaginations. It does not matter where you want to go or what you want to do Cardhaus Games fantasy game collection is where you will find the beginning of that board game experience. You will find fantasy games that will whisk you away to a fantastical world for many different play sessions. You can also find games that will resolve the chaos in under thirty minutes.

Fantastic Worlds Await In Fantasy Board Games

The entire purpose behind a fantasy board game is to allow you to step into a fantastical situation. You could decide that you really want to be the mayor of a small forest town of critters and creatures of the forest or you can choose to sail the open waters on your sea worthy vessel exploring and plundering at will. Fantasy card and board games now use every medium they can to take you where you want. Finely detailed miniature figures help to immerse you in the fantasy lands. Custom size and shape of die allow you to cast your luck in more ways than usual. Beautifully detailed cards will draw you into the experience. Today’s fantasy world could pit friend versus friend or allow each player to build their own city.


Fantasy board games range in all sizes and shapes so what you are looking for is in our collection for you to find today. Hundreds of games are available that cover solo players and groups. Vikings and Spaceship pilots are just the beginning of the options available when you look through our collection of fantasy games.