Family Games

Family games have always been around to include all who want to play. The changes being made in board game design now make it very easy for your family to do game night their way. The Monopoly and Sorry of the past have made way for Qwirkle and Ticket To Ride of today. Whether the family gets together once a year or once a week Cardhaus Games has the best family games to play.

Fun Board Games for Families

The selection of games that are designed and intended for families has increased to a staggering size. Not only has the selection increased but what the games can do has developed over time. Games that require problem solving or working together. Physical dexterity games that will have the family on their feet. Games steeped in subjects that range from prehistoric times to future galactic adventures. No matter what your family is looking for Cardhaus Games has a family game sure to please.


The best family games to play are often designed to be easy to pick up and play. Whether it’s the icons used or the texture of the pieces or the artwork itself, family games are also designed to be as inclusive as possible. Our selection of fun board games for families can cover quick games that only take ten minutes to play all the way up to a whole afternoon. Our selection has all styles of family games from games with dice to games that only use cards. Your next family game is waiting for you here.