Hexplore It: Klik's Madness Book

лв118,91 лв83,22
(You save лв35,69)
Hexplore It: Klik's Madness Book
лв118,91 лв83,22
(You save лв35,69)
Mariucci J. Designs, LLC
Cooperative Game Dice Rolling Grid Movement Modular Board Push Your Luck Role Playing Storytelling Variable Player Powers
1 - 6
60 - 180 minutes
Kat Kimoundri, Nathan Loos, Jonathan Mariucci

Volume I Choose Your Own Adventure - Campaign book in the HEXplore It series:

Continue your adventure in the Runecrest Valley! The content in this hard cover book requires the use of the Valley of the Dead King Core box.

Klik’s Madness is a choose-your-own-path, narrative-driven adventure built for the first HEXplore It Volume, The Valley of the Dead King.

This board game/novel hybrid is a one of a kind story that takes place in the Runecrest Valley — before the Dead King arrives.

Klik, Emperor of the goblins, has somehow managed to unite the short bickering fiends and mold them into a force even the elves of Fain’hil cannot contain. Under his command, the goblins are surging across the Runecrest like a plague.

Play through the Valley of the Dead King in a new way and experience the unfolding of a rich and epic story. Your heroes will plunge into the narrative and drive how the story unfolds, based on the decisions and actions you make!

This hard cover book is the size of 2 full novels, contains over 500 pages of narrative-driven content, and 3 colored ribbons for easy bookmarking.

Can you restore balance to the Runecrest Valley?