War Games

When do I utilize my strongest unit? How can I best put my carrier to use? Can I sneak up behind the enemy line and cause chaos? What is the best way to win this way? In War games you are often working with very limit resources and tools to accomplish harrowing tasks. If you are outnumbered and out gunned, what can you do? The number of sources to pull inspiration from for these games is limitless. Historical wars, futuristic ones in the stars, small scale or large scale all present very different options and experiences. Here at Cardhaus Games we carry numerous themes and styles of war games often with expansions that let you make your army your own.

In The Midst of Chaos, There Is Opportunity

Often war games will have you moving around troops and supplies to give you the true feel of being a commander in battle. You and your opponent making decisions each turn that could swing the momentum in either direction. Do you use the tools at your disposal to understand your opponent’s mind, or to get inside their head? Every time you play a war game you are presented with a new opportunity to try something new. Ever-changing battlefields and conditions can render just one strategy useless.


Organize your units, measure your range, setup traps, and prepare for your next war game from Cardhaus Games. Our collection includes games that are meant to be played quickly as well as large scale games that could take multiple play sessions. Find the war and the cause you want to fight for today at Cardhaus Games.